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The new Outlook.com comes to replace Hotmail. You can not open an email account through Hotmail.com, but those who have spent years using this postal service can continue with it since the passage of dominio@hotmail.com to @outlook.com is, for now, optional. Microsoft has not set a date for removing definitely Hotmail, and is expected to disappear gradually and progressively. The strategy seems to be right: in its first day of life Outlook.com recorded six million new users and is estimated to have grown since then at a rate of one million new accounts daily. Of course it is not entirely new accounts: many of them correspond to users who have chosen to leave behind migrating your old Hotmail account to Outlook.com.

As noted above, this transfer is not required at this time. Microsoft offers its users the opportunity to continue using your normal Hotmail account, and even allows users who have migrated your account to “Outlook.com” return to your previous mail domain. The most resistant to change can learn this new version of mail through your trial. To do this, simply sign in with your old username and password for Hotmail in www.outlook.com.

Alternatively, to test the benefits of the new Outlook.com is through Gmail. The email service from Google offers the possibility of setting tab select an alternate email address for sending messages. Entering our Hotmail address, we may receive through the renewed Outlook.com Inbox every email we receive in our Gmail account.

The new Inbox, one of the stars of the new Outlook.com really seems designed to convince any fan of Hotmail moving to the new mail option. The reasons? A friendlier interface without advertising messages, an organization under the Metro system that streamlines tile work and shows up to 30% more messages, and a head cleaner and fluid with 60% fewer pixels than Hotmail .

Another point to note is that the trial is just that: a first attempt to implement this service you will surely be adding new and improved features over the course of the coming months.

For now, Outlook.com is here and prove it is so simple that there are no excuses not to. The experience is worth it.

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